Errors in the Statements of those who support the Sanctuary Church

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon was against True Mother’s direction to be in mourning for three years for True Father after his Seonghwa. He published his video “Breaking the Silence” in the Youtube on Jan. 18, 2015.

He started to criticize the executive members of the HQ and True Mother.

①Criticism of new Cheong Seong Gyeong
②Criticism of the National Anthem of CIG
③Criticism of the Family Pledge
④Criticism of the name of Heavenly Parents
⑤Criticism of the Blessing Pledge
⑥Criticism of Cheongpyeong Work

Hyung Jin Nim’s Declaration of Order of Removal: “As the inheritor appointed by the Messiah and King of Kings of CIG, I, Moon Hyung Jin, hereby declare that:
Due to the participation both direct and indirect of the reasonous and heretical conspiracy to redact, edit and erase the numerous declarations, scriptures and traditions of the King of Kings, Messiah and Center of True Parents, the following is an order of Removal from all public positions in the Kingdom of CIG.
All national leaders … has no authority in the kingdom of CIG. … All heretical declarations, including new scriptures, traditions, …, not approved by the crowned inheritor are null and void. …” (2015.2.8)

“They profaned You, and delete, delete and delete Your eternal traditions, the Eight Textbooks, National Anthem of CIG, and Cheon Seong Gyeong, everything of Yours, justifying themselves. We see the fact that due to the fall of Han Omoni, everything is now perishing. We know that the world will be judged because of Han Omoni’s failure in her responsibility.” (2015.7.14, from Korean language)

“I am saying this because I do not want my Mother to be sent to hell by Father.… When she betrayed Father, she will go to hell. … Without saying this, Mother will lose her eternity. Do you understand?” (2015.4.7, from Korean language)

“When we see Father’s way of the cross, his life time and his acts, we need to see them with our spiritual eyes. We should understand it providentially.” (2015.4.28, from Korean lanugage)


I. Orthodox or Heretic?
1.Characteristics of Heretics: “We are the only orthodox, and the others heretics.”

A.Factors necessary to realize God’s purpose of Creation
from the viewpoint of Origin-Division-Union Action

a.Purpose and Independence of Will based on heartistic motivation for the fulfillment of God’s will

b.Thought, View of the Principle, and Plan, Strategy, System and Practice based on the providential view


B.The original basis of the orthodox church is the harmony with divine spirit and truth.

In Divine Principle, we think that purpose and its practical method based on the motivation of our heart should be united with divine spirit and truth. In other words, even though we try to right some injustice, we cannot assert that we are orthodox unless we have thought, principle view, or providential view based on divine spirit and truth centering on God’s love.


II. Errors in the Statements of the Sanctuary Church

The statements of the Sanctuary Church can’t be said to be orthodox in the view of God, True Parents, and God’s providence. They are unorthodox views.

●The statement of the Sanctury Chruch (1)
“True Mother changed the name of God from “Heavenly Father” into “Heavenly Parent.”

Hyung Jin Nim: “Under the leadership of True Motehr, Monotheism was changed into dualism, and Divine Principle was excluded from the Cnstitution of CIG.” (2015.7.19)


1.”God” in the Divine Principle

①In recognition of God’s position as the internal and masculine subject partner, we call Him “Our Father.” (DP p.19)

②On the other hand, DP says, “God is the harmonious union of masculinity and femininity ….”(DP p.19)


2.True Father’s words on “God”

①“He brought together all the male attributes within Himself to create man, and all the female attributes to create woman.” (old Cheong Seong Gyeong p.1635)

②“God does not become absolute just as a masculine subject partner. He must have an object partner to relate with. Absolute sex is the means by which we enter the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. God cannot achieve that alone. Even God cannot have absolute sex if He is alone.” (Chambumo Gyeong 5-4-5-26, p.569)

③“Doesn’t the Divine Principle refer to Him as a being with a harmonious union of dual characteristics? …Therefore, it should be added to His description that He is the being of unity based on love. (old Cheon Seong Gyeong p.1632)

④“When we pray to God, we call God “Heavenly Father,” but is it possible that Father exists without Mother?” (2011, 1, 22)

These TF’s words say that God is “God of a harmonious union of dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity,” or “Parental God.” Then why does DP say: “in recognition of God’s position …, we call Him ‘Our Father’” (DP p.19)? Why have we called God “Heavenly Father” in our prayer? Wolli Wonbon states the reason as follows.

⑤“Human beings have to know the fact that they have recognized God as Father, Father without Mother. God has been a father figure of God without a mother figure. …Therefore, after the concept of Heavenly Father and Mother was established, the system of the family including children can start.” (Wolli Wonbon, book 3 chapter 4)

In order to fulfill the purpose of God’s Creation through realizing Heavenly Kingdom as the expansion of True Family, it is necessary to establish heavenly Father and heavenly Mother. Until now, God could not but lead history as Father without Mother because the Messiah could not establish True Mother. However, now, through the victory of True Mother, God can be called “Heavenly Parent” in this age.


3.Necessity to learn True Father’s words which develop more and more.

①“Your heart to believe and love Father stays at the same standard, but Father develops more and more. Therefore, you have to make an effort to love developping Father. You cannot love Father with the old standard of love. You should not lose the meeting place with Father. The more your heart becomes far from Father, the more you have to learn True Father’s words in order to be close to Father.” (2006, 1, 1)


4.True Father’s words about Revolutionary “Father-Mother God”

①“The creation of human beings shows the renewed development of God Himself in a substantial way.” (old Cheon Seong Gyeong p.1660)

②“God too had times when He was like a baby, sibling, spouse and parent, and that is why He created them in this way.” (old Cheon Seong Gyeong p.1661)

③“Had Adam and Eve perfected themselves in True Love, they would have fulfilled God’s desire to wear a substantial body. … By Adam and Eve having children of goodness and becoming True Parents, God would have established Himself substantially as the Eternal Parent…” (View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation, 1996.9.10)

④“In the heavenly kingdom on earth, we live with substantial True Parents, and in the heavenly kingdom in heaven, we live with eternal parental God. … … After Adam and Eve go to heavenly kingdom in heaven, they stand in the position of God. They are subjective and spritual protagonists. Therefore, in the spirit world, there is not only ‘heavenly Father’ but also ‘heavenly Mother.’ Is it possible to give birth to children only with one of father or mother?” (1977.1.1)

⑤“The providential meaning of True Parents’ coronation(Jan. 2009) and golden wedding is tremendous. … Now, it is not necessary to distinguish True Parents as substantial God from invisible God. The new age has come when you can substantially see the heavenly kingdom in heaven and on earth in front of you.” (2009.6.1)

From these True Father’s words, we can understand that God has not been able to be called “Heavenly Parent” until the Foundation Day after True Parents had achieved the final unity. On the foundation of True Parents’ final unity before True Father’s Seonghwa, True Mother gave the direction to call God “Heavenly Parent” on the Foundation Day of Cheon Il Guk. She gave this direction on the providential victory based on True Father’s words.


●The statement of the Sanctuary Church (2)
“True Mother could not be united with True Father, and could not fulfill the mission as the True Mother of human beings.”

1.Who has an authority to judge whether or not True Mother won a victory?

It is God who can judge whether or not True Mother won a victory. Anyone else cannot.

As we can see “Predestination” in DP, the predestination of God’s Will to fulfill the purpose of the providence of restoration is absolute.

“If the person who has been chosen to accomplish His Will fails, God must continue to carry on His providence until its fulfillment, even though it may require Him to choose another person to shoulder the mission.” (DP p.156)

Therefore, when Jesus stood in the position of not being able to fulfill God’s Will without dying due to the faithessness of the Israelites, God opened the way of salvation of human beings through the Lord of the Second Advent, even making Jesus an offering. Then, Jesus went a straight way of crucificxion leaving a message of his Second Advent. After fulfilling the spiritual salvation as the Messiah, he said, “It is finished” and gave up his spirit. (John 19:30)

If True Father had judged True Mother could not win a victory as True Mother, he should have choose another woman as True Mother before his Seonghwa as the Messiah. It is True Father’s responsibility to make True Mother stand. Father did not try to make another woman stand as True Mother. Rather, he proclaimed the perfection, completion and conclusion accomplishing the final unity of True Parents, and showed that there would be no more extension of God’s providence after the Lord of the Second Advent.

①“There were special proclamations of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity centering on God in Las Vegas, USA at 2:20 am of May 8, 2010 heavenly calendar (solar 6/19) and 3:25 am of May 15 heavenly calendar (solar 6/26). … The couple of True Parents has already accomplished the final unity, and offered and proclaimed the age of full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence in the standard of perfection, completion and conclusion.” (2011.4.24, Incheon, Korea)


2.True Father’s words of public recognition of True Mother’s victory

①“Even though I die, Mother has an ability to guide the Unification Church, so she will give sermons. … At that time, you have to be absolutely obedient to her.” (1989.3.1, 188-319)

②“Now, I put Mother up as a center. When I go to the spirit world, you have to be absolutely united with each other with True Mother as the absolute center.” (1994.12.24)

③“It is the time when you have to be united with each other centering on True Mother. Now, even though I am not here, I gave her an authority to act as my representative. Therefore, when I am not here, you should think of True Mother. You have to have a mind to attend Mother and pray for her as the representative of Father. Until now, you have loved me, but from now on, you should love Mother. You have to understand tat the age of Mother starts from now. In particular, women have to love Mother. I proclaim in front of the world and heaven and earth that Father is the first founder of the Unification Church meanwhile Mother is the second one.” (1994.11.27, 265-310)

④Now, even though there is not Father, if there is Mother, there is no trouble in God’s providence. … Therefore, when there is only Father, he is the representative of True Parents, and if there is only Mother, she is the representative of True Parents. .. In other words, Father is the first founder of the Unification Church, and Mother is the second foundrer of the Church.” (1990.3.27)


3.To deny True Mother’s victory results in denying True Father’s victory.

The first mission of the Messiah, is to establish True Mother of human beings. Jesus couldn’t establish True Mother. The statement that True Mother could not win a victory means to deny True Father’s victory. Moreover, it denys the position and value of True Children as the fruits of True Parents’ victory, and the value of all blessed families.


4.Meaning of “Perfection, Completion and Conclusion”
True Parents attained the final unity and prepared the EightTextbooks. Then, they should have restored God’s kingdom through the victory of children, all human beings by the Foundation Day. However, it was not realized because the children could not fulfill their responsibility. True Parents fulfilled their responsibility to establish Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, it is not necessary that the Lord of the Second Advent should come again. The children who inherit True Parents’ tradition should repent and expand True Parents’ victory. True Parents have opened the way to fulfill God’s will, so True Parents said, “Perfection, Completion and Conclusion.”


●The Statement of the Sanctuary Church (3)
“On August 30, 2015, the ceremony in which Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and his wife Yeonah Moon were recognized as the Second King and Queen of Cheon Il Guk was held.”
“Rev. Hyung Jin Moon was crowned as the successor by the Messiah, King of Kings.”

Mr. Hoteak Lee of the Sanctuary Church, who had worked for 6 years at Cheon Jeong Gung, expained in his lecture “A critical situation from the viewpoint of parallel providence, and its countermeasures” as follows:

“You have to know that God’s purpose is that the only begotten son and the only begotten daughter would give birth to the only begotten child to make the absolute ream of God’s direct dominion After the Coronation Ceremony of Liberation of the King of Kings in 2008 and 2009, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon who was the representative of True Father entered into the realm of direct dominion. Therefore, God works not through the only begotten son or daughter but through the only begotten child (Hyung Jin Nim).”

“If you have your son, you would like to let him inherit your position. Would you let your wife inherit your position? Don’t be silly. This is God’s providence.
Why was the Messiah born during the period of the Chosun dynasty? It is because establishing the foundation of the royal blood lineage. During the Chosun dynasty, God had educated Korean people in order for them to be absolutely obedient to the kingship. The Messiah could come on the foundation.
By the way, a prince grows and becomes a king, and the king becomes a retired king after becoming old. The retired king would help the providence centering the new king. The moment one prince becomes the king, how should other princes do? They should become his subjects. There were many happenings about UCI, but the moment Rev. Hyung Jin Moon becomes the representative of True Father, other True Children should become his subjects. This is the history of providence of restoration.”


1.True Parents of human beings are only “True Parents.” There is no successor of “True Parents.”

①“Is it possible that the 2nd, 3rd or 4th True Parents like the 2nd or 3rd king in the secular world? … There is no 2nd True Parents. There is no successor.” (TM’s words, 2015.3.11)

②“The coming Lord of the Second Advent is the 3rd True Parents because Adam and Eve could not become the 1st True Parents and Jesus could not become the 2nd True Parents. It is God’s will to establish True Parents. Now, True Parents are established, so there is no extension. … Only I can root out the germs of cancer in Adam’s family.” (2006.1.1)

③“True Parents don’t work like God who has worked for several thousand years. … I have to restore what was not attained in Adam’s family in one generation of mine through the restoration of indemnity in history.” (2011.4.18)

④“There can be only one set of True Parents. … The Completed Testament Age is the age in which the True Parents appear for the first time ever in human history. (1993.10.1, old Cheon Seong Gyeong p.2514)


2.Who has the authority to decide the leader of FFWPU? True Parents have.

On July 18, 2011, True Parents apponted Hyun Jin Nim as the vice-president of FFWPU, but after seeing his situation, they appointed Hyung Jin Moon as the FFWPU president of the world and Korea on April 18, 2008. True Parents decided it. Not decided True Father only. Therefore, after True Father went to the spirit world, it is True Mother who has the authority to decide what to do in changing situations.
After True Father’s Seonghwa, True Mother wanted Kuk Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim to be in mourning for three years.
However, Hyung Jin Nim started the criticism in his own way since March 2015, so True Mother appinted Seuon Jin Nim as the world president of FFWPU exercising her authority. Therefore, Hyung Jin Nim has had no position of the world president of FFWPU since then. Hyung Jin Nim’s proclamation of dismissing FFWPU leaders which he annonced to the world on February 8, 2015 is invalid. Also, his appintment of Mrs. Erikawa is totally invalid.


●The Statement of the Sanctuary Church (4)
“The blessing centering on True Mother after the Foundation Day is invalid. The blessing only at the Sanctuary Church is valid.”

1.The only person who is given the authority by True Parents can exercise the blessing ceremony as the officiator.

①“The Holy Blessing Ceremony offers the grace of being grafted onto the true olive tree. It was instituted by the True Parents, who bring God’s true lineage to humankind. … Lineage is the most special among all the gifts parents bequeath to their children. … The path (to make the true family) is open wide for you to change your lineage through the Holy Wine Ceremony that the True Parents have instituted.” (Peace Message 1)


2.Only when True Parents who won a victory exists, it is possible to give the authority of the blessing to the representative of True Parents.

①“A father alone cannot give birth to children. There must be a True Mother, as well as a True Father, for fallen children to be reborn as good children.” (DP p.170)

②“The Messiah comes as the True Parent of humanity bacause only he can remove the original sin by giving birth to humanity, born of fallen parents.” (DP p.179)

③“Satan robbed of True Mother, so the original man (Messiah) has to take True Mother back from the Satanic world at the lisk of his life. (Jul. 14, 1968, “Blessing and the Ideal World (Japanese verson),” p.561)

④“There was the only begotten son, but the only daughter not. Jesus could not meet the begotten daughter, so he will come again in order to meet her who can receive the whole first love of God.” (1971.2.17)

⑤“In order to change blood lineage, after you get to the standard of being united in heart with the seed of the child which exists in the marrow of Father before his marriage. You have to make such a condition.” (1988.11.2)

⑥“After God and True Parents, vertical True Parent and horizontal True Parents, become united with each other, I can come out from them. In other words, God is the vertical True Parents, and completed Adam and Eve are horizontal True Parents. On the foundation of the unity of the two, I can attain the unity of mind and body, and the heavenly kingdom and God are connected. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that we can do nothing without attending God and True Parents.” (2007.6.13)

When we see True Mother failed, there is no “True Parents who won a victory,” and then it is impossible to bless human beings in God’s providence. Of couse, it is impossible to give the authority of the blessing from True Parents to their representative. As a result, regretfully, when Hyung Jin Nim sees True Mother failed, the blessing of the Sanctuary Church becomes invalid.


3.Another contradiction of the blessing of the Sanctuary Church

When True Mother failed but one true child is united with True Father, is it possible to make the true child inherit the whole authority?
If it had been possible, the providence to save human beings centering on Seong Jin Nim who was united with True Father would have been proceeded even though Mother Seongil Che failed. Then, every thing after that woud not have been necessary. However, such a providence did not happen.


●The Statement of the Sanctuary Church (5)
“Under the leadership of True Mother, original “Cheon Seong Gyeong” was changed 80%. She also changed the national anthemof CIG, the Family Pledge and the Blessing Pledge.” (2015.7.19)

1.The Eight Textbooks and the Scripture of CIG

The Eight Textbooks consist of 3 kinds of books: 1) The Family Pledge; 2) 4 books of True Father’s words based on the Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon; 3) DP and World Scripture (systematically explaining theology).Four books of TF’s words are excerpts from the Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, which is also one of the eight. Originally, all people in the world have to learn the Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in Korean, but it is difficult in reality. Therefore, 4 books including Cheon Seong Gyeong were compiled by extracting TF’s words by every each theme.
Originally, we shuold have had to establish God’s kingdom by the Foundation Day using the Eight Textbooks during TF’s lifetime.
However, we couldn’t. Therefore, it was necessary to make a new start to restore the heavenly kingdom by 2020. Then, True Mother published new “Cheon Seong Gyeong” which was re-compiled through including TF’s words after 2001 based on old “Cheon Seong Gyeong,” which was quotations of TF’s words until 2000. Also, she published “Pyeong Hwa Gyeong,” and “Chambumo Gyeong.”
Many of the sects of FFWPU criticize True Mother for her falsifying TF’s words when she published new “Cheon Seong Gyeong” as the new scripture of CIG. However, “Falsifying TF’s words” means to change TF’s words in her selfish way. True Mother just replaced TF’s words with new ones as needed. Therefore, TF’s words in both of “Cheon Seong Gyeong”s are totally precious because both of the two are direct quotations of TF’s words in the Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
True Father talked about the necessity of more fixing the old “Cheon Seong Gyeong,” even after fixing the first version a few times. Father also referred to publishing the following books after the “Cheon Seong Gyeong.”

①“Today, I would like to talk about ‘Cheong Seong Gyeong.’There are many places to fix. I can hear the voice: ‘Fix this page or that page.’” (2009.4.27)

②“’Cheon Seong Gyeong’which I published has many quotations from 400 volumes of the Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon will become 1200 volumes, so ‘Cheon Seong Gyeong’ volume 1, 2, 3 would be necessary.” (2007.11.27)

③“TF’s words for ‘Cheong Seong Gyeong’ volume 2 or volume 3, which were not published yet, are waiting for being published.”(2008.9.25)

The Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon are not completed yet, so from now, TF’s words which are not published yet should be added.

④“All words True Father said should be handed down as his will.” (“Blessed family and the ideal world” (1) Japanese version p.241)

True Mother had to take responsibility for these TF’s words.


2.Necessity of “Chambumo Gyeong”

①“You should understand that the Principle and the record of True Parents’ life course are the root of heavenly law, and you should live your life aligned with these fundamentals.” (Chambumo Gyeong 12-1-1-14, p.1330)

②“Father opened up this way and established the formula of restoration. Therefore, what you do afte me is just to understand the formula and apply it.” (1977.4.18)

③“Divine Principle explains the age until Jesus, so you do not know what Father did. Therefore, you have many thing to study from now.” (1971.1.10)

④“What should be added to Divine Principle are the history of the Unificcation Church, which includes True Father’s history.” (1982.4.26)

⑤“My history will not be written while I am alive; it will be written only after I pass on.” (1970.8.11, new Cheon Seong Gyeong, p.981)


●The Statement of the Sanctuary Church (6)
“When our members do not believe Hyung Jin Nim’s family, they will go to hell.”

God and True Parents have walked the way not to judge but to save the fallen human beings.

①“God’s providence of love is to sacrifice own children and to save the children of enemies. Therefore, God is love. God drives all His loyal subjects to a state of death or a state of shedding blood and sacrifices them in order to save the people in the world. (1967.7.10)

②“When I was liberated from the prison in North Korea, I was at a distance of one hour to my family, but I did not see my family. After that, I have not been able to see my mother and elder brother who loved me a lot. They became victims of Communism. Father has thrown his parents, brothers and sisters away, and gathered unknown people. Therefore, you came here. Father came such a way in order to see you. This is a history of the Unification Church.” (1970.1019)

③“Parents cannot curse, in heart, their children who are going to the way of death. Parents try to find the way to save their children even though the parents have to bear the cross. In the same way, bearing all crosses, Father had to save you, who are his children.”(1970.10.19)


III. Finally

1.The secret of overcoming the sectalian trials is to recognize through divine spirit and truth.

Divine Principle talk about (divine) spirit and truth as follows:
①“God thus assists ignorant, fallen people to elevate their spirituality and enighten their intellect through spirit and truth. By these means, God conducts His providence to restore people to the original state before the Fall.” (DP p.104)

On January 1, 2006, True Father talked about the secret to avoid sectarian movements as follows:
②“You should not easily follow what people tell good or what many people go. … Without knowing Divine Principle, many of you might get caught in the cobweb. Many people will be entangled in the trouble. … The only way to avoid it is not to forget Father. … Satan can never interrupt your heart to love True Parents.” (2006.1.1)


2.Inevitable situation caused by the fact that spirituality is the subject partner meanwhile intellect is the object partner

Spirituality is the subject partner and intellect is the object partner, so when we have a deep relationship in heart with True Mother, we become loyal to her, but when the relationship go sour, we become critical of her. Therefore, unless the entangled relationship inheart is fixed, it is difficult to solve the peoblem even though pointing the wrong theory. When we have stronger relationship in heart with someone than with True Mother, we will follow him. For example, when Eve came to have stronger relationship in heart with Archangel than with God, she followed the Archangel.

①“When Adam and Eve fell, their fallen love is stronger than their affection toward God through their conscience. … When they had a relationship of love, their standard of conscience should be higher than the top of the growth stage. However, they could not reach it and Stanic love came in. They fell because Satanic love is stronger.” (1998.10.3)


3.Criticizing True Mother is betrayal against True Father.

True Father sacrificed himself in order to make our memebrs, who had accepted True Parents and worked hard with them for the fulfillment of God’s will, not failurers but victorious people. Through it, Father gave us the providence until 2020 centering on True Mother. Therefore, we have to know that denying True Mother is betrayal against the last love of True Father who invested himself in make us win a victory.

①“As an individual, if you are unable to inherit the tradition that is united completely with God’s Will, any effort you make, however great, could produce an outcome that directly contradicts God’s Will, irrespective of the loyalty you demonstrate. (1974.05.05, new Cheon Seong Gyeong p.855)