Correcting the Errors! Part II(続・誤りを正す英語版)


Mr. Tatsunori Okamoto (6000 Couples), who believes that Mr. Myung Sik Woo has a “special mission,” distributed a document called “95+13 Proposals” in September 2003, and was giving lectures on the so-called “Complete Testament Principle,” recruiting blessed families to his “Tribal Association”. <Read more>

Chapter 1

Unmasking the Book, the Problems with the Salvation Theory Published by the Spiritual Group, the “Tribal Association” <Read more>

Chapter 2

Homepage of the Spiritual Group “Tribal Association”

Correcting the Errors of the Pseudo “Second Generation Counseling Corner”

Section 1 Human Fall, the Origin of Sin and Other Issues  <Read more>

Chapter 3

The Identity of the Writer of the One Hundred Proposals Who Pretends to Be a Reformer  <Read more>

Supplemental Material

Our answers to persistent refutations from the false “Second Generation Counseling Corner” based on the Okamoto theory:  <Read more>