Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Identity of the Writer of the One Hundred Proposals Who Pretends to Be a Reformer




The Okamoto theory, the One Hundred Proposals (1st Edition, March 24, 2009) of a spiritual group called the “Tribal Association,” is simply a reprint of the questionable booklet, 95+13 Proposals. Their claims do not amount to one hundred items, but can be summarized to three as follows:

① Criticism of the founder (Mr. Okamoto defines Reverend Moon as a John the Baptist figure to testify to the fourth Adam. )

② Criticism of the DP (the DP book)

③ Criticism of the Blessing marriage and the reality of blessed families

These are the same strategy as that of the anti-UC unified front by the anti-UC ministers and the Japan Communist Party.

The reason why anti-UC ministers attack the UC is that the DP asserts the limitation of salvation by the cross.  For the JCP, it is that the DP is the basis for the VOC theory.

The goal of their strategy is to exterminate their enemy.  So, when the anti-UC ministers say, “Let’s save the members of the UC,” it means that “Let’s exterminate the members of the UC,” through debates.  “Let’s save (them)…” by the Okamoto group sounds roundabout but also means the same.

In order for the UC to bring them to natural submission, it has to win the battle of ideas and teach the existence of God (the Original Devine Principle) and convey the heart of God (true love).

Section 1 Omnipotent Key (Standard of Judgment and Interpretation Other than Reverend Moon’s Teachings)


1.1 Who Reveals the Truth?


In order to win the battle of ideas one has to know how the opponents see things and how they think.

The One Hundred Proposals brags about the UC as the following:

“After a thorough study of the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, we have found the ‘key’ to understand the teachings.  With the key, we can clearly comprehend any of his teachings.  As a result, we have found the whole truth that was missing in the DP and have succeeded in correcting the errors.  At last, led by the golden staff of God, we have reached the ‘Original Principle.’ (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 9)

Adam is the one who lost the Word by the fall.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of Adam (the Messiah) to restore the Word, not somebody else’s.  None other than the Messiah can reveal the “perfect truth” (the “ultimate truth”).  Every Christian should know this.  They would not believe any claim that somebody other than the Christ has disclosed the “key to Heaven” (the truth).

When you read Cheong Seong Gyeong, Peace Messages, Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom, etc., it is clear that the definition and explanation of the DP are done by Reverend Moon’s teachings.  It should not be done by someone in a position of the restored Archangel.

Then how should the following teachings Mr. Okamoto sometimes quotes be understood?:

“In the future, when my teachings are more detailed, get more organized and analyzed, and directly, literally expressed, how happy you should be to know the truth substantially to that extent and to live in glorious, precious as gold times!” (95+13 Proposals, p. 59)

The above-mentioned words can be interpreted in two ways:

① “To know the truth substantially” means that “In the future, Reverend Moon’s teachings” will be expressed more in detail and “directly and literally” as they are spoken.

② It means that “In the future, Reverend Moon’s teachings” will be organized and analyzed in detail by someone.

Which is right between the two?

Mr. Okamoto’s group claims that the latter is right and interprets as follows:

It is not until by the “hands of fallen men” (Exposition of the Complete Testament Principle edited by Mr. Okamoto, Volume 1, p. 17) that the “teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon can be organized, analyzed and be known.” (95+13 Proposals, p. 59).  But the first interpretation is right.


1.2 Omnipotent Key to Solve Metaphors and Codes?


What does Mr. Okamoto want to say who proudly asserts that “He has found a ‘key’ to solve Reverend Moon’s teachings.”?  He means that the “key” is necessary to understand parts of the teachings in metaphors because Reverend Moon does not always use direct expressions but he has used “implications, metaphors, body expressions and signals.” (95+13 Proposals, p. 89).  This key is, when reading, a “preceding understanding” the reader should have, and with the key, he wants to say, “Any teachings can be comprehended clearly.”  That means, this key is the “omnipotent key” and the “interpreting principle” they should have along with the teachings.  After all, although Mr. Okamoto says, “Reverend Moon’s teachings are the absolute standard,” (ibid., p. 57), he says, “We need to have the key beside the teachings.” and thus created a “new standard to interpret the truth.”  He monopolizes the right to interpret the teachings.

Mr. Okamoto has his own interpreting principle and judging standard other than Reverend Moon’s teachings, as seen from his words such as “from the viewpoint of the principle within his teachings or the integrated judgment of the whole of Reverend Moon’s teachings.”  He makes this subjective interpreting principle and judging standard absolute.

He, making use of the absolute authority of the teachings, created a new interpreting principle called the omnipotent key (?), and by that, he interprets that Reverend Moon’s teachings on Christians, the Korean language, boundary lines, the hometown providence, ships, bridges, helicopters, etc are metaphors and codes with hidden meanings.  He plants it as a mental image of the mold in his members’ minds so as to lead and control them.


1.3 Wholly Different View of Original Sin


The Okamoto group asserts: “The members and leaders of the UC don’t understand the DP the L.S.A. teaches at all, for they don’t have this omnipotent key (the interpreting principle).” (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 8)

Then what is the principle of the Okamoto theory which claims that he has discovered the “principle in the teachings”?  It is not the principle in the DP called the Principle book, but the “Complete Testament Principle”(Exposition of Complete Testament Principle)he made up.  Its view of the original sin is not that of the DP.  It is the same as the internal nature theory of the original sin (selfishness) in the existing theologies.  They read the teachings from a biased view of this theory of the original sin with their own preceding understanding, which means that they draw conclusions before the teachings are taught.  And they claim that there are discrepancies between the DP and the teachings.  They are to know why Reverend Moon says that internal nature (selfishness) is the motivation of the fall, not the original sin.


1.4 Adding Notes to the Teachings


The Okamoto theory adds notes to the teachings as the following.

To the teaching: “You are not to follow any teachings except the teachings I taught and my Principle,” he adds a note as follows: “except the teachings I taught and my Principle (note: in the teachings)…” (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 181).

Needless to say, “my Principle” implies the DP, but the added “note” denies that and instead of the DP he is trying to introduce shrewdly something called the Complete Testament Principle of his theory, replacing the DP.

Reverend Moon (True Father) says, “Masters, even doctors in Japan cannot add ‘notes’ to Reverend Moon’s teachings. Nor can they explain.” (Family, May 2009, p. 20)  However, Mr. Okamoto does not admit his wrong but makes an excuse by saying, “The reason why we add notes is to help readers understand.” (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 16)

To say, “The teachings are the absolute standard,” to judge the truth but willfully to insert “notes” in order to accord the teachings with his opinion is malicious.


Section 2 Foundation to Receive the Would-be “Fourth Adam” Is “Mud ark of raccoon dog”


2.1 Has The Messiah (the Fourth Adam) Come?


What does the One Hundred Proposals of the Okamoto theory want to say in short?  If one wants to know that, he should read first the last page of the book.  Their conclusion is stated as follows:

“The blessed families are the chosen people as the fourth Israel and should receive the savior, the Messiah.  In order to receive the Messiah the blessed families need to organize the foundation for the home church and to go up the course of the eight steps of restoration of heart centering on God’s Will.  Moreover, at the perfection level of the formation stage they need to complete the ‘foundation for the Messiah’ and then welcome the ‘fourth Adam.’ (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 456)  “The ‘Messiah’ has already come on earth.  We don’t know where he is and what his name is at present. (ibid., p. 457)  We blessed families and our second generation must prepare ourselves to receive the Messiah from now on.” (ibid., p. 457)

Likewise, they claim that the “fourth Adam” (the Messiah) other than Reverend Moon has already come.


2.2 The Okamoto Theory Does not Recognize Reverend Moon’s Victory As True Parents


If the Okamoto group believes that the Messiah who is not Reverend Moon has come, then who is Reverend Moon to them?

They claim that: “Reverend Sun Myung Moon could not achieve the Messianic mission due to the failure of Christianity which was the prepared second Israel and like Jesus of 2,000 years ago he went through a course to organize the third Israel in the position of the restored Archangel.” (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 435)

Certainly there was a period in which Reverend Moon walked a course to act the surrogate John the Baptist because of the disbelief of Christianity for a certain period of time.  But he succeeded and could stand in the position of the Messiah in 1960.  The Okamoto group, however, does not recognize his success and leaves him in the position of John the Baptist.

They called Reverend Moon True Father at first [confessing their faith] but at the end they changed and abandoned their absolute faith in Reverend Moon and now say that the fourth Adam [to come] is the Messiah.  This is their honest truth.


2.3 The Hometown Providence and the Family Association Movement (The Okamoto-style Explanation and Definition


Mr. Okamoto defines in his own way about the hometown providence:

“The providence to return to hometowns is a movement that we, blessed families, get together to make a family and a tribal level foundations and transform from the ‘satanic family’ to the ‘God’s  family’ by welcoming the Messiah.” (ibid., p. 335)

As for tribes, he explains:  “The ‘tribe’, according to Reverend Moon, is that blessed families work together to make a tribal foundation as the ‘foundation for the Messiah.” (ibid., p. 315)  However, Reverend Moon said, “You are to save your parents, siblings, and relatives.”(Reverend Moon’s Teachings at Workshops in Korea, p. 248~249)

As mentioned above, the Okamoto theory denies saving relatives and teaches that: “The tribal foundation is made by more than twelve home churches getting connected and that will form a tribal church.”  “Therefore, it is a movement of family ‘association.” (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 315)  They assert:  “It is not witnessing but foundation-building.”(ibid., p. 307) (Forsaking the salvation of mankind)

As for the “Gate of Heaven,” Reverend Moon explains:  “It is the gate that can be opened for the first time with the key of True Family perfected by true love.” (Peace Messages, p. 294)  According to the Okamoto theory: “From the Family Association, the opening of the Gate of Heaven starts.” (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 311)

As the teachings write, “The blessed families connected centering on Father’s Family are one new tribe.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I’, p. 1,060), the opening of the Gate of Heaven cannot be done without the Messiah’s Family.

In addition, Reverend Moon says, “Making children who inherit a new blood lineage of God is what the UC does.” (ibid.)  Through the three-and-half year struggle in the US (April 1, 1973 ~September 1976), “the world history level victorious foundation of the UC was established both spiritually and physically.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom II’, p. 730)  The third Israel (the UC) brings both spiritual and physical salvation, which is the realm of the sphere of God’s blood lineage.  The teachings are very different from the Okamoto theory which insists on another fourth Adam who is not Reverend Moon.


Section 3 The Okamoto Theory Which Deviates from Reverend Moon’s Teachings


3.1 The Position of the Blessed Family Is above the Perfection Level of the Growth Stage


The Okamoto group states, “The Blessing is a ceremony to register for the third Israel,” and the UC is a “foundation for the preparation to receive the Messiah and is in a position prior to salvation.” (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 355)  They assert that the UC Blessing is a “conditional one” and merely a formal ceremony.  However, Reverend Moon says, “The Blessing is not a simple wedding ceremony,” and speaks about its substantial salvation as follows:

“The Blessing movement I have been advocating is not a mere wedding ceremony, but it is a holy event to liquidate the original sin and to be engrafted to Heaven by the original true blood lineage.” (Family, November 2007, p. 17)

In addition, regarding the position of the blessed families in relation to the eight vertical stages, Reverend Moon says:

“The Blessing is not in the realm of death.  The Blessing is not to be received in the indemnity realm and below the line of death.  It is in the realm of the Garden of Eden before the fall.  This is the Blessing.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom 1, p. 795)  “The fall has to do with the realm below the perfection level of the growth stage, while the Blessing is above that level.  Therefore, the Blessing has nothing to do with Satan.” (ibid.)  However, he continues to say, “Without three spiritual children… The standard still remains in the realm of the fall.”  “It is logical and principled that the Blessing cannot be given without three spiritual children.”(Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom II, p. 923)

Likewise, the “position of the blessed families who were blessed” by True Parents is “above the perfection level of the growth stage.”  But the Okamoto theory affirms that “Conditionally blessed families are not blessed substantially but the ‘position’ of the perfection level of the growth stage is blessed and they still remain in the non-Principle realm under Satan’s dominion.” (The Exposition of the Complete Testament Principle, Vol. 1 edited by Okamoto, p. 94)  Likewise, the conclusion of the Okamoto theory deviates from the teachings.


3.2 The Blessing Goes Completely Beyond the Satan’s Realm


Reverend Moon talks about the eight vertical stages as the following:

“Now it is the age of heading for the perfection stage after passing the formation and growth stages; the age of going horizontally beyond the several-thousand-year vertical history all at once.   Namely, it is the age of crossing all of the six-thousand-year history at once.  So, we have to get out of the realm Satan invaded.  Then what is the blessing?  It goes beyond the historical satanic realm completely.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, p. 739)

The Okamoto theory says that the blessed families in the non-Principled realm make a foundation and “go up the eight stages of the course of restoring heart step by step,” but Reverend Moon states, “Because Adam and Eve fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, it is the individual course not the family course [we have walk] to the point of the perfection level of the growth stage. (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, p. 962)

① It is the individual course up to the point of the perfection level of the growth stage.  Chosen people of Israel remain in the realm of the servant based on the justification by deed (other religions as well).  Christians remain based on the justification by faith in the realm of the adopted child. (Blessed Family, p. 40)  The Okamoto theory says that we go up by making a foundation, but we do not go up by making trinities.

② A hard task to go over the death line (the perfection level of the growth stage) can be realized by the liquidation of the original sin through the Blessing by True Parents.  It will not be done by the fourth Adam as the Okamoto theory claims.

③ According to the Okamoto theory, the “Adam’s family” (an eight-member family) is made of three blessed families and by this foundation it is possible to go over the “line of death.”  However, the eight members in the Adam’s family mean three spiritual children. (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I’, p. 1,006) The model of this “eight-member family” is the  structure (foundation), which is the Holy Wedding of True Parents (the Marriage of the Lamb) and the Blessing of the three disciples (three spiritual children), which surpassed the line of death for the first time in human history.

Likewise, Mr. Okamoto, the proponent of the One Hundred Proposals, who pretends to be a reformer, adds notes to the teachings, twists the meanings, and creates an exposition principle other than the teachings by utilizing (abusing?) the authority of the teachings.  He is aiming to create a false Kingdom of the Messiah by planting a mental image of it (metaphors and codes) into his members’ minds and thus controlling them and by setting up a figure who is the fourth Adam (puppet).  This is his ambition and his identity.

However, the blessed families who yielded themselves to Mr. Okamoto do not realize that the boat they are in with the false Messiah (the fourth Adam), expecting to go over the death line, is a “raccoon’s mud boat” [which will eventually sink.]


※In Japan a raccoon is a symbol of a cheater or deceiver.

※the teachings= Reverend Moon’s speeches


Section 4 How to Go Beyond the Line of Death and Reach the Perfection Stage


What Mr. Tatsunori Okamoto calls the Complete Testament Principle is not written in the view of systematic theology like the DP.  He only borrowed the essence of the DP and put his own spin on it.  He twisted the Principle of Creation and especially, focused on criticizing the Human Fall, and further made up his own arbitrary theory of salvation and providence.

As seen in the booklet the One Hundred Proposals (95 + 13 Proposals), we cannot downplay the criticism of the Human Fall, which can only be done by someone who knows the teachings and the DP.


4.1 Issues on the Orderly Three Stages of the Growth Period


4.1.1 Three Stages of Growth


The DP reads that “In order for any creature to be perfected, it must grow to maturity through the three orderly stages of formation, growth, and perfection”. (The DP, p. 53 [English version])

Reverend Moon (True Father) also says, “There are three stages of growth in the dominion in the Principle. It takes 21 years to reach perfection…The growth period consists of three stages and each stage is equivalent to seven years.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I p. 954)  These words and the DP are consistent.  However, Mr. Okamoto says:

The DP reads that the growth period consists of 7x7x7=21, which means that we become perfected at the age of 21.  However, if the human ancestors fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, it should have taken place at the age of 14.  Reverend Moon says that the fall took place at the age of 16, which means that the fall took place in the perfection stage instead of at the perfection level of the growth stage.” (cf. Exposition of the Completed Testament Providence, Vol.2 edited by Okamoto, p. 92)

He describes as such, and points it out as a contradiction between the teachings and the DP. Furthermore, he insists that each growth stage takes 6 years and that adding 6 to 6 to 6 makes 18, which leads to the conclusion that man reaches his perfection at the age of eighteen.  He alters the concept of the three orderly stages of growth in the DP.  He also redefines the individual perfection standard as the “position to fulfill the First Blessing and to get married is at the formation level of the perfection stage, which comes after reaching the perfection level of the growth stage.” (ibid., p. 93)

Mr. Okamoto alters the growth periods to 6x6x6=18, by quoting the teaching: “Adding 6 to 6 to 6 makes 18.  It means bringing Satan’s number, 6, completely under control.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, p. 1,076)  However, this teaching is explaining about the significance of the 1800 Couples’ Blessing.  It cannot be the grounds for altering the “three stages” of the growth period.


4.1.2 Differences of Individual Growth


Reverend Moon says: “There are differences of individual growth, and it is ‘the age of 21 plus minus three years.’” (Correcting the Errors, pp. 27-28)  “These seven years of adolescence (between 18 to 24 years of age) are the period when flowers of love bloom once in a lifetime.” (ibid.) Considering these differences of individual growth, there is no contradiction between the teaching: “Adam and Eve fell at the perfection level of the perfection stage (16 years old),” and the description in the DP : “Each stage takes seven years.”


4.1.3 Difference between the Way of the Principle and the Way of Restoration


If Adam had not fallen, “he could originally have reached the perfection level of the perfection stage by himself.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, p. 957)  However, Reverend Moon speaks about the “way of restoration” as follows:

“You cannot go the way of restoration alone.  You must go through the gate called the Blessing and overcome the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage, which is the position of Adam and Eve before the fall.  Then you can go on to the perfection stage.  Thereafter, each blessed family needs to go through a seven-year period of time without fail.  Considering each stage of formation, growth and perfection as seven steps at each stage, they amount to 21 years.  So, it’ll take seven years to establish the standard of the perfection stage.  Therefore, once you join the UC, you must go through this seven-year course.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, p. 944)

As you see, there are differences between the “way of the Principle” and the “way of restoration.”  It is the Blessing marriage that “overcomes the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage” where the fall took place.  However, another seven-year course in the perfection stage period is still left for us to reach perfection.

After all, shortcomings in the Okamoto theory are: It does not recognize the difference between the way of the Principle and the way of restoration which the fallen man should follow; and furthermore, it makes up a different theory that “individual perfection takes place at the formation level of the perfection stage,” which is not written as such in the DP (Mr. Okamoto alters the DP in his own way).

Reverend Moon says, “Never believe anything other than what I say.  I dislike any words you add to my teachings.  The Principle should remain as it is.”  He warns of the attempt by saying:  “How can anyone correct the teachings that God and I blessed and sealed?” (God’s Homeland and Perfection of Liberation and New Birth, p.106)  The word “Principle” in his teaching: “The Principle should remain as it is,” should mean the DP from its context.


4.2 Seven-Year Course at the Perfection Stage Is a Family Course


Mr. Okamoto criticizes [the UC]: “Would it be acceptable to have conjugal relationships after receiving a “conditional Blessing?” (The One Hundred Proposals, p. 60)  “It is a problem from the Principle point of view that the blessed couples started to have conjugal relationships without reaching the individual perfection level.” (ibid.. p.61).

Mr. Okamoto’s group proclaims that they have been studying Reverend Moon’s Teachings for more than a decade.  If so, how come they don’t know Reverend Moon’s (True Father’s) answers the very question in Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom they quote from very often as follows?


① “You have received the Blessing, but why do you need sons and daughters?  It is because without your sons and daughters, you cannot go through next 7-year course, which is from the perfection level of the growth stage to the perfection level of the perfection stage. …… Not in the position of the fallen parents but in the position of the not-fallen parents, you should give birth to not-fallen sons and daughters and reach the perfection level of the perfection stage.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, pp. 956-957)

② “Restoration of parents means that Adam and Eve go beyond the perfection level of the growth stage from the fallen realm.  It means that they once fell under the dominion of Satan by the fall but restore their position before the fall and that since they fell together as a couple, they stand as a restored couple.  For this restored couple to go up to the position of parents, they need a son as a mediator, not by themselves.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, p. 958)

③ “Adam and Eve, God’s direct descendants, lost love.  Because both of them lost it, they have to restore it, centered on love by giving birth to their children.  The Blessing of the UC puts them in this position, and they go on to the next level, giving birth to their children.  This is the Blessing.  The realm of perfection is what you enter in the name of your direct lineage.” (Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, p. 958)


These are the answers given by Reverend Moon to the question: “Would it be acceptable to have conjugal relationships?”  His teachings above provide many clues to understand why the seven-year course at the perfection stage is a family course.  In addition, the realm of perfection is one to go up to “in the name of God’s direct lineage.”  It is not the realm of the fourth Adam.


4.3 The Way to Enter the Perfection Standard through Reverend Moon


“True Parents are coming down through each stage of formation, growth, perfection, and more than that, the perfection standard.  Going through the realm of liberation, along with God, True Parents are coming down to the perfection level of the growth stage in the fallen realm to engraft you.  Then the way to reach the perfection standard opens up through me.  It is like a ladder prepared.  ……by uniting with True Parents, you can cross this ridge without a difficulty.  If you leave True Parents, there is no way to go.  This is the Principle. Understand?” (Reverend Moon’s Teachings at Workshops in Korea, p. 74)

Anyone would be able to understand from the context if the above-mentioned word “ladder” is a metaphor or not.  Besides, the hometown providence, the Korean language, ships, fish, tunnels, etc. are the same thing.  Mr. Okamoto’s so-called the “omnipotent key (arbitrary remarks)” is dangerous.  Because “it distorts the Principle and leads people onto the wrong track.”

In addition, Mr. Okamoto makes up a story such as: “Reverend Moon (True Parent) who has turned over forty and reached the perfection is incapable of coming down to the indirect dominion or intervening.  Instead, he introduces the fourth Adam.  However, Reverend Moon (True Parent) can freely come down to the perfection level of the growth stage in the fallen realm.


4.4 Restoration of the Birthright of the Eldest Son


The pattern of the “family of eight people (Adam’s family)” is formed by the Holy Wedding of the True Parents and the Blessing of the three disciples (three spiritual children).  This family can get into the realm of the true child at the perfection stage after receiving the Messiah and going beyond the line of death (the perfection level of the growth stage), and liquidate the original sin.  The blessed families must inherit this pattern of the family of eight people which is a victorious realm of the True Parents, in order to restore the birthright of the eldest son and pass through the realm of the true child at the perfection stage.  Once you receive the Blessing after restoring the birthright of the eldest son, then you restore the right of parents and the right of kingship, and then finally enter the direct dominion of God.

As a point of reference, Lenin (1870-1924) mentioned the elder son ship as follows:

“Marxism shall educate vanguards who are talented to become teachers, leaders and bosses of all exploited laborers.  To the contrary, today the ruling opportunism is changing the Labor Party to raise proponents of high income earners who are disconnected from the mass of the people.  In other words, it is raising the proponents who get “good positions” under capitalism, and do not mind giving away their birthright of the eldest son in exchange for pottage of lentils,* that is, give up the role of the revolutionary leaders for the people who are against the bourgeoisie.” (The Nation and the Revolution, Lenin, Kokumin Bunko, p. 38)


* Pottage of lentils: A phrase which is used for acting for a worthless material interest.  It is from a story in the Old Testament that Isaac’s elder son Esau gave away his birthright to his younger brother, Jacob in exchange for bread and pottage of lentils. (The footnote from the same book, p. 181)

These are the words of Satan, proclaiming “not to give away the birthright of the eldest son (leadership)” through the mouth of Lenin in preparation for a showdown with God on the national level.