“Response to the Criticism by the Sanctuary Church Part II” first half

Narration of the video of first half and second half of the “Response to the Criticism by the Sanctuary Church Part II” was translated into English. Please refer to it. Japanese narration is also put under the English translation.

Unofficial Translation

Dear beloved brothers and sisters. I am Mr. Ota from Japanese HQ. Today I would like to share our “response” to the criticism by the Sanctuary Church. USA’s “Sanctuary Church” centered on the seventh son Hyung Jin Moon who has completely denied True Mother, claiming that she has overturned True Father’s words and legacy. These criticisms deny the victorious foundation that True Father has built with True Mother, and undermines the unification of the Unification Family centered upon True Parents.
This is why we will give explanations to the main criticisms by the Sanctuary Church to clarify the wrong interpretations it has been making.


1. The difference between “Messiah” and “True Parents”


“True Mother is not the messiah” (Ref: Youtube)

“True Mother is not the messiah”
(Ref: Youtube)

Hyung Jin Nim is claiming harshly that “True Mother is not the messiah but the wife of the Messiah.”’ He has criticized that True Mother is not the Messiah, especially in the sermon made on July 19, 2015, by saying that “True Mother has left the position of an obedient object partner by calling herself God and the Messiah.
All lineages except the Messiah’s lineage are Satan’s lineage. True Mother has seated herself on True Father’s throne by claiming the Han clan as God’s linage.
Many members that leave FFWPU (Unification Church) and join the Sanctuary Church have the strong tendency to think that “The only messiah is True Father who is a man, and True Mother is not the messiah.”

Here we will discuss how we should understand this issue from a principled point of view. In the Divine Principle it says that, “The Messiah comes as True Parent of humanity.” (p179) In addition, “Messiah is the True Parent” is the heading of p194 Cheon Seong Gyeong of the Eight Textbooks and Teaching Materials, and True Father clearly mentions that, “The Messiah is a True Parent.” (p194) Therefore it can be said that the Messiah is a word that refers to both the “True Father” and “True Mother” in the Unification Principle.
However, True Father also mentions that, “The Messiah is a man.” in p192 of the very same Cheon Seong Gyeong of the Eight Textbooks and Teaching Materials. On the surface it appears that True Father is contradicting himself. However, it is also true and not contradictory that “The Messiah is a man”. We have to have a clear understanding of this.
We will look at p180 of the Cheon Seong Gyeong of the Eight Textbooks and Teaching Materials to explain the similar phrases that seem contradictory.

Since Adam and Eve became false parents, there could not have been such good parents. This is why True Parents must come. True Parents must appear in history. Who is the one who represents this historic mission? He is the one called the Savior and the Messiah. …… What kind of person does the Messiah have to be in order to fulfill our hopes? Surely, he has to come as the True Parent. The Messiah must come as the True Parent. Christianity believes in Jesus as the Messiah and Savior. What does he have to do in order to come as the True Parent? He cannot do it alone. He must come as a man representing the True Parent. Numerous religions have been looking until now for this one man. …… This is why Jesus said that he was the only begotten son of God. When the only begotten son comes, it would be a disaster if he were to live alone. There has to be an only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter must be found and, centering on God, the only begotten son and daughter should marry each other when their mutual attraction matures. …… This is the feast of the Lamb. (58-218, 1972.6.11) (Book Two, Chapter 1, Section 5, 5.1 The two tablets of stone and True Parents, p180 Cheon Seong Gyeong of the Eight Textbooks and Teaching Materials)

The different concepts that the “True Parent”, that is two people, and a one man is introduced in this phrase. Traditionally, Jesus alone was believed to be the Messiah in Christianity. It can be said that Jesus, appearing as a man, can come alone as the Messiah. However, if Jesus tries to fulfill God’s will as His mission, it cannot be done alone.
It is because the Messiah comes as the “first human ancestor” to fulfill God’s Will of the Ideal of Creation in this position, which has been lost by Adam and Eve’s fall. This is why the Messiah must come as the “True Parent”.
So “What is God’s will?” True Father defines it as the following.

“God’s will is to complete the four position foundation. …… The four position foundation is the family foundation centered on God created by that completely becoming one where Adam and Eve centered on God cannot be drawn apart in the realm of God’s love, and becoming ideal husband and wife, and multiplying children.” (Ref: p402-403, Blessed Family and the Ideal Heaven 1, Japanese Version)

The Messiah will appear as a man, but in order to fulfill the “family four position foundation” for the Messiah to accomplish God’s “Will”, there must be a “True Mother” to become the “True Parent”. This is why the Unification Principle claims that the Messiah “must become a True Parent” for the Messiah to fulfill the mission as the Messiah, and the reason why the “True Mother” along with the “True Father” must become the Messiah.
Hyung Jin Nim is in open denial saying that “True Mother is not the Messiah”, and criticizes that “True Mother is trying to take over True Father’s position as the Messiah”. However, instead of “True Mother trying to take over True Father’s position as the Messiah”, she “already is the Messiah along with True Father.” In fact, True Father has declared to the world that “I, myself (True Father) and Hak Ja Han is the True Parent, the Savior and the Second Advent, and the Messiah of human kind.” in front of the VIPs at the banquet of the World Culture and Sports Festival in August 24, 1992. This declaration by True Father includes True Mother.
True Father stated, “What is the core of the Messianic Thought? It is the thought for the world salvation and unification, the teaching to create the Original Ideal Family, and to restore the position of the True Parent that has been lost by the fall of the first human ancestors. (January 22, 2001) From this we can understand that the Messiah that must restore the position of Adam and Eve as the “True Parent” is the “True Parent”.
Furthermore, True Father has also mentioned that:

“Who is the Savior? The responsibility of the Savior is not just to save individuals. He must save Savior’s the family. He must save the Savior’s country over families, the Savior’s world over country, and liberate Savior’s heaven and earth and God, the Savior’s Lord.
Some religious people say that, “I will go to Heaven alone.” That’s troubling. The wife must say that she send her husband to heaven, and follow her husband. She cannot say “I will go alone” and leave her husband by himself. The people of the Unification Church members first sends their family to Heaven, and then go for themselves….The responsibility of the Messiah is this. The Messiah is the one that comes with the responsibility of sending the individual to Heaven, the family to Heaven, the clan to Heaven…and even liberates and sends all the people in Hell to Heaven, saying that, “I will be responsible for all God’s sorrow.” The Messiah that comes to bear the cross of an individual is unnecessary. He cannot become the Messiah for the family. Then we must search for the Messiah for the family. If the family Messiah is fulfilled, we must search for the Messiah for the clan. As you can see, the Messiah is the one that takes on the responsibility of a Savior who can be the center by representing the individual, the family and the clan.”
(Ref: p52, Tribal Messiah, Japanese Version)

In this way, the Messiah will first come as an individual with the appearance of a man. But for the Messiah to fulfill his responsibility as a Family Messiah, Tribal Messiah, National Messiah, Cosmic Messiah and liberate God, there must be an original “Eve”. That is to say, the “True Parent” is the only way to stand in the position of more than a victorious Family Messiah. This is why we say that the Messiah is a “True Parent”. Therefore True Mother is also a “Messiah”.


2. The Messiah’s lineage is the Moon clan, not the Han clan

As mentioned earlier, Hyung Jin Nim is criticizing True Mother by saying that “All lineages except the Messiah’s lineage are Satan’s lineage. True Mother has seated herself on True Father’s throne by declaring the Han clan as God’s linage.”

Here we will give an answer to this issue.
Many of those who criticize True Mother tend to think that only males hold “God’s lineage”. Here we must have a correct understanding of “lineage”.
True Father explains the start of lineage as life created by the two sexes of male and female as the following:

“Have you seen life? Have your touched life? You can see life forms but you don’t know life. You cannot touch it. It is the same for lineage. Lineage is created in the secret room where the husband and wife love. And when a sperm and an ovum meet and unite as a life form, lineage connects. ” (Ref: p22, “Family” March 1995 edition)

“The life that you have inherited from your parents started by inheriting your father’s sperm and mother’s ovum. Your children roots from the love where the ovum and sperm unite in one.” (Ref: p7, “Family” March 2007 edition)

As we can see, True Father has physiologically said that the inheritance of life from the parent to the child, in other words the “lineage”, is rooted in the unity of the sperm and ovum centered on love. However, He does not limit this just in a physiological dimension, but rather thinks even more deeply by saying that the “root is based on love”, emphasizing the importance of love.
We must recognize this “love” to approach the issue of connecting to God’s lineage or to Satan’s lineage.
True Father has mentioned in the Peace Messages that “Life and love come together to create lineage.” “Lineage is the most special among all gifts parents bequeath their children.” Lineage cannot occur without life of both sexes of male and female. This exactly means, “Lineage cannot be created without life or love. Amongst love, life and lineage, lineage is the fruit.” Lineage is the “fruit” that is created from love and life.

The “Messiah” was born from the Moon clan. However, we must understand that only True Father was born “without original sin”, but the other members of the Moon clan, including True Fathers father “Kyung-yoo Moon” and mother “Kyung-gye Kim”, are with original sin. So strictly speaking they are not from “God’s lineage”.
The same goes for Jesus. Although Jesus is “without original sin”, His parents Mary and Zacharias are “with original sin.” Therefore, strictly speaking, these people also are not from “God’s lineage”.
Therefore in the strict sense it was “Jesus” the second Adam, who was supposed to start “God’s lineage”, and it was “Reverend Moon” the third Adam, who actually started God’s Lineage.
Therefore, the “True Parent” standing in the position of the human ancestor, the starting point of “God’s lineage” in human history, is where “God’s lineage” began.
That is to say, in order for God’s lineage to start, there must be a “True Father” and a “True Mother”. We really need “Eve” standing in the position as the first human ancestor. Jesus could not start “God’s lineage” because he could not meet his bride (True Mother). Therefore Jesus ended his life on Earth as the person who was supposed to start “God’s lineage”.
However, in the case of True Father, he became the person who actually started God’s Lineage since He was able to create Mrs. Hak Ja Han as the “True Mother” of humankind. For this reason, “God’s lineage began by the two people from the Moon clan (True Father) and the Han clan (True Mother)” is the correct understanding and the accurate expression.
So, the expression made by the people of the Sanctuary Church that “the Messiah’s lineage is the Moon clan, not the Han clan” is not correct in various senses.
On the other hand, although the claim that “All lineage except the Messiah’s lineage are Satan’s lineage” is correct in a certain sense, it should be used with a deeper understanding of what it really means. Every human being in human history was born under “Satan’s lineage”, namely fallen lineage until the Messiah becomes the “True Parent” and starts “God’s lineage”. In other words, humans belong to the fallen lineage, including the Moon clan that gave birth to the Messiah. This is why we must be extremely careful when we speak about this issue.


3. The issue of “The Blessing”


The Holy Blessing Ceremony at the Sanctuary Church (Ref: Blog “Let’s return to True Father!”)

The Holy Blessing Ceremony at the Sanctuary Church
(Ref: Blog “Let’s return to True Father!”)

Presently, the Sanctuary Church is holding its original “Blessing Ceremony”, the “Holy Blessing for Returning to True God and True Father’s Authority”, claiming that members must be blessed by the Sanctuary Church by 2016, True Fathers Birthday.
They have also criticized that the Blessing given by True Mother after True Father’s Seong-hwa is the “Blessing under Satan’s dominion”

How should we approach this from a principled point of view? First, the “Blessing Ceremony” by the Sanctuary Church gives its own “Holy Wine” that is different from the traditional Holy Wine.
True Father has spoken about the Holy Wine as follows:

The holy wine is not simply made like ordinary wine. You cannot bring forth wine and claim it to be holy wine. It is made in the presence of God and Satan, and the angels in the spirit world. …… When making the holy wine, spirits from the spirit world come and implore me to pour a glass for them so that they can partake of it. It is because they know that by drinking the holy wine they can be restored. That is why they come to me in a group and ask to share in the benefit. They know that I can bestow on them this benefit. …… “Wait!” and give the wine to you, for all the suffering you have been through. (46-233, 1971.8.15) (Book Nine, Chapter 1, Section 2, 2.4.1 Holy Wine Ceremony, P1277 Cheon Seong Gyeong of the Eight Textbooks and Teaching Materials)

We can see that the Holy Wine holds a historic value, which the spirits constantly come and ask for a sip. This is because it is made by the victorious foundation of the True Parents as the first human ancestors.
The Holy Wine Ceremony is the ceremony of changing lineage. True Father has said that:

What is the purpose of the holy wine ceremony? It is a ritual of putting the body of God into one’s own body, centering on a new love. Everyone has a fallen body that needs to be substituted centering on the love of God. This act of substitution is performed through the holy wine ceremony. Just as Jesus says in the Bible, “The bread symbolizes my body and the wine my blood, so you must eat and drink of it.” Through this ceremony, one can be cleansed of the original sin by inheriting the new lineage centering on the love and substantial aspect of God. You cannot go to the place of the Blessing without attending this ceremony. That is why the holy wine ceremony is a ceremony for changing the lineage. (35-245, 1970.10.19) (Book Nine, Chapter 1, Section 2, 2.4.1 Holy Wine Ceremony, P1275 Cheon Seong Gyeong of the Eight Textbooks and Teaching Materials)

Our first human ancestors Adam and Eve lost “God’s lineage” through the fall. The “God’s lineage” that was lost, is inherited to us through the Holy Wine Ceremony to change our lineage by our victorious True Parents who stands in the position of the first human ancestors.
In the Peace Messages True Father has said, “The Holy Blessing Ceremony offers the grace of being grafted onto the true olive tree. It was instituted by the True Parents, who bring God’s true lineage to humankind. …… Lineage is the most special among all gifts parents bequeath to their children. …… The path is open wide for you to change your lineage through the Holy Wine Ceremony that the True Parents have instituted. The Blessing is yours, either as newlywed couples or as already married couples, that you may establish true families.” (Peace Messages 1)

The “Blessing Ceremony” is given meaning and value only when using the “Holy Wine” created by True Parents.
The Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine was created on Earth by True Father before His Seong Hwa. Since the victorious foundation is eternal, the Holy wine is valid even after True Father has gone to the spirit world. It is similar to the fact that Christians are given spiritual salvation through the “Sacrament” of bread and wine, even after Jesus’s ascension to the spirit world.
Therefore, “The Blessing given by True Mother after True Father’s Seong-hwa is the ‘Blessing under Satan’s dominion’” is incorrect. This is a completely wrong understanding.
As True Father has said, “Lineage is the most special among all gifts parents bequeath their children” lineage is the privilege only inherited from the “parent”, never given from a child. Therefore the privilege of “changing lineage” and “inheriting lineage” is held only by True Parents, and not by True Children.
Nevertheless, the Sanctuary Church uses its own original Holy Wine. The authority of the officiator of Blessing Ceremony using the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine was never delegated from True Parents. Here we can conclude that the Blessing conducted by the Sanctuary Church is unprincipled, without value, and invalid.


4. True Mother is not united with True Father?

During the Hoon Dok Hae in January 19, 2012, True Father apparently said, “True Mother is going a different way from True Father. True Mother is not listening to True Father, and saying “Listen to my words!” That is an even more dreadful being than Lucifer. Those who go after True Mother like this, are devils. You!” and made True Mother stand in front of True Father, and Joon Ho Seuk, Jeong-Ro Yoon, Sun Jo Hwang and Hyo-Yul Kim stand behind True Mother to conduct a ceremony for them to promise complete obedience. As we can see, True Father is reproving True Mother saying that she is “More dreadful than Lucifer. Going a different way.” This shows she is not exactly in “complete oneness” with True Father.

The explanation to this issue is as follows.
We cannot draw the quick conclusion that True Mother is not united with True Father, based on hearsay of an incident that happened on January 19, 2012. Only God and True Father can make the final decision if True Mother is victorious or not. We are not the ones standing in the position to make such assessments.
It is claimed that the ceremony mentioned above was conducted in January 19, 2012. However, True Father along with True Mother has held the “Blessing Ceremony in the Era to Open the Gates to the Victory, Liberation, and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind” on March 24, 2012 at the Cheong Shim Pyeong Hwa World Center.
If True Mother were really “a dreadful being more than Lucifer”, True Father would not have held the “Blessing Ceremony” along with True Mother as the officiators.
In addition, True Father held a special declaration ceremony after the Hoon Dok Hae at the Cheon Hwa Gung in Las Vegas, USA on April 14, 2012. The following is the prayer by True Father at this declaration ceremony.

“Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, are the ones that can become True Parents in the Garden of Eden with no shadow of the Fall, return to the position at which God said, “ you eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will die.” ….making them one and then establishing the realm of oneness based on unified families. Welcoming with pleasure heaven’s victorious sovereignty and the kingdom of Heaven. Here I am thankful for the hardships True Mother and True Father has gone through for God’s Will, and take this time to put all things in order for Heaven. So please receive this memorial time. We have held this time to offer and bow to Heaven, so Father please receive this time with joy!
(Ref: p18 “Today’s World Japan”, June 2012 Edition)

True Father then asked True Mother to “Mother, thank you for your hard work! Please offer a greeting to Father” and after receiving True Mother’s bow, True Father prayed, “Centering on the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience that stems from our God, who restored the authority of the Creator, I offer in front of You, Heavenly Father, my finally having perfected and concluded the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind and the Proclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self. Please receive this!”

Here we see that True Father has prayed “In the Garden of Eden with no shadow of the Fall, return to the position at which God said, “you eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will die.” and “I offer in front of You, Heavenly Father, my finally having perfected and concluded the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind and the Proclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self.”, declaring the final perfection and completion of both True Father and True Mother.
Moreover, True Father appointed True Mother as the president at the “Abel Women UN Inauguration Assembly” held at the Cheon Shim Pyeong Hwa World Center on July 16, 2012. If True Mother really was against True Father and failed her position, we do not believe True Father would have appointed her as the president.
Knowing how much True Father has devoted his entire life for the salvation of human kind and the liberation of God, wouldn’t it be appropriate for him to appoint somebody else as “True Mother” if True Father had really concluded that True Mother has failed? However, True Father anointed True Mother until the very end, and had a conversation with her as follows:

“I (True Mother) have made a promise with True Father. ‘It doesn’t matter how hard the Will of God is, I will fulfill it during my life on Earth.’ And told True Father that ‘I will fulfill God’s purpose of Creation, the Ideal World of Creation.’…before he left us True Father said to me ‘I’m really sorry. Thank you so much’. I want to complete this Will of God with you. I truly hope there will be no sons and daughters who fail.” (September 3, 2016)

We can see that if these conversations were held between True Parents, True Father anointed True Mother until the very end, and trusted her to “fulfill the Will of God”. True Father and True Mother are in complete oneness.


5. True Mother has not reached perfection?

According to the Sanctuary Church, True Father has said “True Mother must perfect herself by June 16, 2013.” (English translated version), claiming that “True Mother has not reached perfection” at the point of Foundation Day.

If you check the Korean original version, it says “True Mother must perfect that by February 16, 2013.” (May 11, 2007), proving that True Father did not refer to True Mother as having to perfect herself.
Moreover, the assigned dates have been changed from “February 16, 2013” to “June 16, 2013”, which is after Foundation Day. This criticism is based on the use of totally inaccurate words, a criticism that is completely irrelevant.


6. True Mother sat on True Father’s chair to take over True Father’s position?

image007As mentioned previously, Hyung Jin Nim is criticizing that, “True Mother has seated herself on True Father’s throne by claiming the Han clan as God’s linage.” The picture of True Mother seated on True Father’s chair is being used to portray this image.

True Father has said, “The True Parents have achieved ultimate unity and offered and proclaimed the era of God’s full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence upon the standard of perfection, completion and finalization.” (p20-23, “Today’s World Japan” 2011 May Edition) As mentioned in these words, if you are a member that really believes the “ultimate unity” of True Father and True Mother, you should be able to understand this with a faithful heart that True Mother loves True Father deeply that she sits on his chair and is “united”.

The reason why the members of the Sanctuary Church see this with a critical eye that “True Mother is trying to take over True Father’s throne” is because they are looking at True Mother with an “unfaithful eye”.
Generally, it is natural to wish to touch the places your spouse loved, and sit in places that are filled with lingering scent if you lost your truly loved ones. You may wish to stay there forever.
Much more, they are the first and probably the last, eternal, only True Parents. We should think that these things are done because they are in total unity.
We truly hope that you can see True Mother with a loving and faithful eye.


7. The position of Adam and Eve was reversed in the four position foundation chart. Is this reversing dominion?

image009The Sanctuary Church claims that “In the Divine Principle lecture when explaining the four position foundation, Adam, the subject is always placed on the left and Eve on the right. However, in the Divine Principle lecture today (exposition of completed testament providence, etc.) Eve is written on the left and Adam on the right. It has been criticized that this is “reversing dominion.”

Although the lecture plan for the “exposition of completed testament providence” that can be found online says 2014, this lecture plan itself was made by Mr. Ken Sudo in 1994 under the direct instructions by True Father.
This chart was made by exactly copying the chart written on the blackboard by True Father.
Therefore, this lecture plan was not created today, but created during the 160 thousand seminar for Japanese women in Korea 20 years ago. According to the staff of the Jejudo Workshop, True Father explained the chart with Adam on the right and Eve on the left with the assumption that they are facing God.
Therefore, it is not about “reversing dominion”. There is a similar chart made in 1996. By the way, since lecture plans were traditionally made with Adam on the left and Eve on the right with the assumption that they are facing their backs towards God, the Japanese lecturers decided not to use the reversed version to prevent confusion. This is why the lecture plan made during the workshop in Jejudo was not spread in Japan. Especially, it did not spread out world wide since this seminar was targeted only to Japanese sisters, and no other members from Korea or from other countries participated. As you can see from the lecture plan online, everything is written in Japanese. None of it was translated into Korean or into English.
image012However, a four position foundation chart with Adam and Eve’s position reversed was included in the material given out at the “World Leaders Assembly” in 2015. This happened due to human error. One of the Korean members mistakenly placed “Eve” in the position of Adam and “Adam” in the position of Eve, which is different from the original Korean version, which created a great controversy for the Sanctuary Church.
We must understand that this was “human error” and completely different from the actual lecture plan in Jejudo. (The Korean who made the chart might have a chance to see and refer the lecture plan in Jejudo)
In any case, the lecture plan for the exposition of the completed testament providence created from October 1993 to November 1994 during the 160 thousand seminar, was created with Adam and Eve reversed by the direct instructions of True Father.


8. The “No one educated me” statement

In October 27, 2014 True Mother has mentioned, “Nobody educated me. The only begotten son and the only begotten daughter are equal. It cannot be said that the only begotten son educated the only begotten daughter. Do you know what this means?…I made the determination.” The criticism was made since True Father has said “Eve must be restored from the fallen dominion, and stand in the standard as the good daughter”, “I have to educate her alone, in order for an innocent girl to stand above all women.” It seems to be contradictory from True Mother’s words.

The explanation is as follows.
In order for True Mother to victoriously stand in the position of “True Mother” of humankind, she had to dedicate herself to live God’s Will with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in front of God and True Father.
True Father speaks about True Mother as follows:

“A woman was created centered on Adam during Creation, women is re-created centered on a heavenly man. …must be created as the representative of a perfected woman of the world. And this was fulfilled by True Mother. She stuck firmly behind me at all times.(p77, July 1, 1997 “The absolute value of True Parents and the path of the tribal messiah”)

“True Mother is like my (True Father) shadow. Since she is like the shadow that follows me around, I am the substantial subject founder, and True Mother is the object founder. So I am the first founder and True Mother the second founder. Centering on what? Centered on Love.”(p116, May 6, 1990 “The absolute value of True Parents and the path of the tribal messiah”)

As mentioned in these words expressed by True Father, True Mother “stuck firmly” and “is like the shadow that follows me around”, and has lived the path of absolute obedience until she was victoriously given the position of “the second founder” by True Father. This path from True Father’s point of view can be said that “Adam re-created Eve” and “True Father educated True Mother”.
However, the path of “True Mother” of humankind is not a path that can be easily accomplished, not even with absolute faith. True Father mentions True Mother’s life course as the following:

“All kinds of accusations, abuse, rumors, misinterpretations was happening around my family for the first seven years (from 1960). It was a period of shedding blood with these accusations, abuse and persecution, however it was all needed.
The problem was if True Mother could bear these tribulations, overcome accusations and move forward. You can imagine how hard it must have been for True Mother. And True Mother was victorious towards everything. … whatever happens True mother held her patience with indomitable faith, and kept her silence through sacrifice, and maintained faith towards me.
At the time we never even discussed these situations. I never said to Mother, “You must understand this, persevere and win because I am doing this to accomplish the plans and purposes.” If I had explained and comforted in that way, then even though she had won, it would not have been valuable. Mother had to figure it out herself, persevere in her own understanding, in her own right. I have been explaining this in depth, revealing it today to you as I never have even to Mother.
(p59-61 “Blessing” 1997 Summer Edition)

As True Father has mentioned, “Mother had to figure it out herself, persevere in her own understanding, in her own right.” it was a path without any teachings and education. In that sense True Mother risked her whole life with the determination in living this path to become True Mother, a path she had to figure out and develop herself.
The words by True Mother that “Nobody educated me. The only begotten son and the only begotten daughter are equal. It cannot be said that the only begotten son educated the only begotten daughter. Do you know what this means?…I made the determination.” was spoken from this point of view.

This concludes the first half of this lecture. The second half is also important so please be sure not to miss any of it. Thank you very much.














 真のお父様は、「メシヤ思想の核心とは何でしょうか? それは世界を救い、統一するための思想であり、本然の理想家庭を建設することのできる教えであり、人間始祖が堕落によって失ってしまった位置である真の父母の立場を取り戻すことです」(2001.1.22)と語っておられますが、まさしく「真の父母」になるべきだったアダム・エバの立場を取り戻すのが、メシヤなのであり、それが「真の父母」です。

 「救世主とは何ですか? 救世主の責任は、個人を救うことだけではありません。救世主の家庭を救わなければなりません。家庭を救うより救世主の国を救い、それより救世主の世界を救い、救世主の天地、救世主の主人たる神様を解放しなければならないのです。






 「生命を見ましたか? 生命に触ってみましたか? 生命体は見えるけど、生命は分かりません。触ってみることはできません。血統もそうです。血統は夫婦が愛するその密室、奥の部屋で結ばれるのです。そして、精子と卵子が出合って生命体として結合するとき、血統が連結されるのです」(「ファミリー」1995年3月号、22ページ)







サンクチュアリ教会が行っている祝福式 (写真引用:「三代王権・真の御父様に帰ろう!」ブログ)







 真のお父様は、平和メッセージで、「天の真の血統をもってこられた真の父母様を通して祝福結婚を受けることが正に真のオリーブの木に接ぎ木される恩賜です。……血統は、父母が子女だけに与え得る特権中の特権です。 ……真の父母様が許諾された聖酒式を通して血統転換をし……真の家庭を探し立てられる道が大きく開かれました」(『平和神經』34~40ページ)と語っておらますが、真の父母様によって作られた「聖酒」を用いて行うところに「祝福式」の意義と価値があります。






 そして、真のお母様に対し、「お母様、ご苦労様! お父様の前に挨拶して……」と語られ、お父様はお母様の敬拝を受けられた上で、「創造主の権限を再び回復された、神様の絶対信仰、絶対愛、絶対服従の基準を中心として、天地人真の父母定着実体み言宣布天宙大会を最終完成・完結することを、お父様の前に奉献しますので、お受け取りください」と祈られました。









image007 前述したように、亨進様は、「お母様は(自分を)神の血統と宣言し、お父様の玉座に座るようになりました」と言って、批判している。そして、お母様がお父様の椅子に座っておられる写真を見せ、お父様の座を奪おうとしているかのように批判しています。




image009 サンクチュアリ教会側では、「原理講義において、四位基台の説明をするときは、主体であるアダムを左にエバを右に書くようになっている。ところが、現在の原理講義(成約摂理解説等)においては、エバを左にアダムを右に書くようにしている。これは、「主管性転倒である」と批判している。

image010 ですので、今の時代圏において登場したものではなく、既に20数年前の16万訪韓セミナーのときに作成されていた講義案です。済州島修練会関係者の説明では、そのときの真のお父様のご説明は、神様のほうに向かってアダムが右で、エバが左という説明であったとのことです。
image012 ところが、今回、2015年に行われた「世界指導者会議」において配布された資料の中に、アダムとエバの位置を左右に逆転させた四位基台の図が含まれていました。それは、作業する韓国のかたが“人為的ミス”をすることで、原本のハングル版のものとは違って、アダムのところに「エバ」を入れ、エバのところに「アダム」を入れてしまったものであり、それがサンクチュアリ教会側に伝わって騒ぎとなりました。



 2014年10月27日に、真のお母様が、「私を教育した人は誰もいません。一人息子、一人娘は同等なのです。一人息子が一人娘を教育したとは言えません。どのような意味かわかりますか? ……私が決心したのです」と語られたことに対して、真のお父様は「エバを堕落圏から復帰し、善の娘として立ったという基準に立てなければなりません」、「純真無垢な女性を、すべての女性たちの上に立てようとするのですから、先生がひとりで教育しなければなりません」と語られているが、それと〝矛盾〟したことを語っておられる、と批判している。






 お母様が語られた「私を教育した人は誰もいません。一人息子、一人娘は同等なのです。一人息子が一人娘を教育したとは言えません。どのような意味かわかりますか? ……私が決心したのです」という御言は、そのような観点から語られたものであると言えます。